An Online MIP Alcohol Awareness Class

This is a 4 hour alcohol awareness class for minors who:
a) have been cited for Minor in Possession/Consumption of Alcohol
b) have had a school related alcohol violation
c) are being provided an alcohol education protram by their educational institution.

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About our Rethink-a-Drink™ Alcohol Awareness Class

A 4 hour alcohol awareness class designed for minors who have been referred to an alcohol education class by their school, probation officer, judge, teen, youth or peer court.

This is a 100% completely online alcohol awareness class that is 100% self-paced. Our alcohol awareness class is offered by the reputable Offender Solutions® series of online classes and was developed by experts. It is a 4 hour alchol awareness class and can be taken on your timelines in the comfort of your own home.

Or, instead of taking the online MIP class, take it by mail with our workbook. class. Buy the Workbook class here.

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A really good choice

Our Re-think-a-Drinkô underage alcohol awareness class is a convenient way to complete a court ordered, teen court, peer court, youth court, PO, diversion or school required program.

A 100% online alcohol education class you can take from any location in the United States, Europe, Canada or Australia with a computer and internet access. Simply register, log in, pay and begin your alcohol class.

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